Acheter des vues pour la musique d’un artiste ?!

Buy views for an artist's music?!

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Buy views for an artist's music?!

When we talk about buying views there are 2 things:

(Very important)

1. Buy views on Youvues (this was good in 2002)


2. BUY TRAFFIC (physical or digital)

Promomusique markets for developing artists. It's better than buying Youtube views for an artist's music.

Buying traffic is exactly the same as going into the street and buying advertising space (a billboard). When cars pass by and see a Mac Do poster they say; “ah did you buy views? " No…

Some people think like that, but of course you have to buy traffic and you need analytics to see your conversion ratio and see your ROI (return on investment). You have to understand the business a little and make money.

Of Jul to Pnl via Gims and Ninho . Their success comes in part from their musical talent and also the promotion of their music . Even more so in 2021 to be noticed among so many artists and competition by majors and labels or to be highlighted by platforms (Youtube, Spotify and Instagram ect) you have to be active in marketing your career.

So obviously the; “ I don’t pay for advertising ”, “ I don’t buy views ”, “ please share my freestyle ”.



When you are powerful, you buy physical or digital advertising space, you buy traffic. Promotional poster (example of traffic purchase);

You often see before other Youtube videos or by logging into Spotify. Promoting the latest single/clip/project of a well-known artist . It’s also the same principle!

You now have two choices: pass this message on...or listen carefully while you can. Because I have several things to share with you that could earn you money.

The boss of Believe one of the labels (Jul label) the most important announced;

 Today if an artist does not have at least 4 million views, we are not interested in a title 

 We are no longer in an industry where we have to convince with a beautiful voice or a good chorus but we are in an industry where we have to convince the computer algorithms of streaming platforms.

Why are some artists highlighted more than others, because we like them?

No, this promotion pays to gain more audience, make a big splash and make even more money. Because you have to know that Universal owns 3.5% of Spotify, Sony Music 2.9%; while Deezer is partly owned by Warner Brothers' parent company, Access Industries. So these industry players highlight their artists.

Several years ago you bought an ad on one of the well-known French Rap sites but it no longer works in the same way. Buy exposure on advertising networks (Facebook/Instagram ADS – Google ADS for Youtube).

Views alone can provide a decent popularity boost, enough to get any video “trending” and what happens when the video gets there?

People watch it, like it, share it, they add your song to their favorite music and listen to it again, this will increase your popularity.

That's all you need! (find other tips on our Instagram page @Promomusique )

(Results from an artist in the campaign)

Conclusion ; Don't just publish your music, and buy views or streams for your music. You must also offer value to listeners and future fans!

Share relevant content that people will like, respond to comments on your posts, and interact with your fans on social media as much as possible so they feel connected to you as an artist.

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