Comment faire la promotion de sa musique

How to promote your music

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How to promote your music

Promoting your music is a lot of work. But it can be worth it, if you do it right.

We know you're going to take the world by storm. We know everything about your talent, and we want to help you make it known. Here's how :

1. Choose a social media platform. You are spoiled for choice, but we recommend that you focus on Instagram, TikTok, Youtube and Spotify because they are the ideal platforms for sharing your music, the best ways to showcase your work.

2. Create a profile that reflects your brand as an artist and helps people connect to what you do. Be sure to include links to your website and other social media accounts so that people can easily find and learn more about you anywhere.

3. Post regularly! Don't just post once and disappear forever. Keep posting new content every day so people keep coming back to see what's new with you! Be consistent and focus on quality over quantity; this will help keep people interested in following what's happening in your world as an artist!

Do not forget :

If you are looking for how to promote your music. Promote yourself consistently on other platforms like Twitter or TikTok; These are good places to reach new fans or other social media accounts so that people who don't follow your career site do so.

When you know how difficult it is to promote your music.

It's hard to break into the music industry. It's not enough to have a great voice, you also need to make sure your music is heard by the right people. This is where we come in!

Ads for your tracks will only be shown to listeners who are ideally suited to become your raving fans because we leverage your music genre, keywords, demographics, and interest targeting.

We will promote your music on our music playlist network and the advertising platforms Youtube (Google ADS) and Spotify (Spotify ADS), whose audience exceeds 4 million people. We will introduce your music to fans of music similar to your musical style, which will allow you to meet new fans of your music.

3 tips to apply now to make music your music.

How to promote your music?

1. Make sure you have good content; music but also your image. If not, no amount of promotion will make people want to buy your album. And if this is the case the promotion will have even more results.

2. Create a regular social media presence for yourself and your music, and make sure it's consistent across all streaming and social platforms.

3. Don't just post photos, videos and messages to your own music, you need to provide value to other users too! Share relevant content, respond to comments on your posts, and interact with your fans on social media as much as possible so they feel connected to you as an artist.

This costs you nothing, and allows people to discover you and pay attention to your music and get more YouTube views for free.

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