Comment vendre vos musiques en NFT ?

How to sell your music in NFT?


Music NFTs are crazy, but it won't last. In the end, only good NFTs will increase in value and will last just like coins.

How are music NFTs shaking up the music industry?

Many questions are being asked at the moment about NFT music let’s start at the beginning:

What are NFTs?

“NFTs”, or non-fungible tokens, could well revolutionize the way you consume music.

It is similar to a digital authenticity certification. It's like a stamp that you put on any type of file to make it unique. As it becomes unique, it takes on a certain value (depending on your notoriety). The technology that allows this and ensures authenticity is blockchain, the same technology allows cryptocurrencies to exist.

The NFT is already worth several billion euros. In March 2021, the artist Beeple sold his work (digital painting) for $69 million in an auction, the auctioneer said "This is a turning point for the future of new media and even for the way of collect it all.” It is easy to predict a great future for NFT and a real revolution in the world of music and a gold mine for artists.

There is everything to do in musical NFTs , we are at the very beginning

It is a product that is worth nothing to create and which can be resold for unlimited amounts.

Your fans will love that you are innovating and seeing that you are among the first artists creating NFTs for your community.

Our platform can create and implement NFTs from artists , to allow them to receive a portion of the sales and resales. To provide a new source of income for the artists with whom we work
Make money selling NFTs. Create direct experiences with fans by selling and also earning a percentage of every resale of unique digital collectibles instantly!

We generate a lucrative new source of income for creators in the form of NFTs and on music copyright.

These groundbreaking NFTs will increase in value as an artist's career progresses.

The NFT becomes a pass to access things or a means of identification to access member areas, products, concerts, etc.

There is this whole social dimension of NFT which is growing!

NFTs are limited in number and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

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How are NFTs used in music? / NFTs are invading the world of music?

Tory Lanez sold more than 1 million of his new album in NFT format in less than 24 hours, generating millions of euros.

The Weeknd and Calvin Harris also sold rare content on NFT platforms

In France Booba, ICO and Sisik are among the first artists to offer their works in this new revolutionary format

NFTs are a whole new ecosystem for selling creations and works, in addition to physical media like CDs and streaming with Spotify and Apple Music etc.

What are the NFTs and how musicians will benefit from them

It is also a way to collect royalties on each future transaction. Imagine this: You create an exclusive project and sell 1000 physical copies for €9.99 each. 2 years later these copies can be sold on Ebay for €2,000. If you sell your project as an NFT you will receive 10% commission as a creator. You get back a portion of the sale price with each transaction.

Also, if you are an artist and you offer an album or a single in NFT, your fan has a token on the blockchain and can also access exclusive content like a private club.

How to create and sell an NFT

But then where to start?

Our platform takes care of everyone!

Your music will be put in the block chain and your NFT created with our platform. You can then put it on sale for your fans and receive your remuneration. All you have to do is create your wallet, your crypto wallet. It is essential to receive your payments, as they will only take place in this form. We advise you MetaMask , which is one of the most used, and one of the simplest. This will allow you to receive your income from the sales of your NFTs. Because the Musical NFTs are only purchased in crypto at the moment.

Do not forget …

Buyers are there, for your music but above all for the most value they can achieve, so you have to show them that your NFT music has strong potential . By gaining notoriety by having a good fan base, by having clips with high scores. Just to have a lot of room for improvement. Make your profiles on social networks qualitative, study your communication, this will prove that you take the RAP GAME very seriously, and why not? Maybe you are the Booba of tomorrow and therefore a cryptocurrency investment high yield!

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