Concours Skyrock Promomusique

Skyrock Promomusic Competition

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Promomusique x Skyrock Competition

100% free participation Skyrock and Promomusique

Would you like to be one of the 9 lucky winners of the competition? Watch this short video to find out how to enter and try to win one of the 9 incredible prizes up for grabs!

Just click the link below to participate in the Skyrock and Promomusique competition:

How to participate ?

To participate, from September 6 to September 30, 2021:

To comment on the Instagram post of the competition
​To follow the Instagram account @Promomusique

How will the winners be selected?

The 9 winners will be drawn at random. The draw will be done via an IT tool on September 30, 2021, among people who have fulfilled the conditions of participation.

When will the results be announced?

Once the draw has been made, the 9 winners will be officially announced on the @Promomusique Instagram account and contacted by private message on September 30, 2021.


Simply send us an Instagram message mentioning “Instagram Contest”.

What are the Prizes for the 2021 Promomusique x Skyrock Instagram Competition?

Lot 1: An interview with @Mrik from @skyrockfm

Lot 2: A multi-disc platinum composer production (SCH, Niska, Vald, Jok'air, etc.)

Lot 3: A publication from our media partners (+45k subscribers)

Lot 4: 30min of coaching with a Promomanager

Lot 5: 4 hours of studio recording session (Paris) @studiobluelines or €150

Lot 6: A VIP pass for the Electropical 2022 festival (Leto, Jokair, etc.)

Lot 7: A “Special” pack targeting France

Lot 8: 100 Promomoney to use on the site

Lot 9: 1 month of free VIP Promo Pass subscription


To increase your chances of winning, you can:

Like the competition post on the Instagram account @Promomusique
​Share the competition post on your Instagram story
​Comment on one of the videos on the Promomusique Youtube channel
Carry out any other action announced on the Instagram account @Promomusique during the competition

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