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Promote your music on YouTube

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5 Ways to Promote Your Music on YouTube

Promoting your music on YouTube is an effective way to reach new fans and grow your audience. This article will teach you how to effectively use YouTube for your music career.

5 ways to promote your music on YouTube:

1. ADS campaign

2. Playlist

3. Media

4. Influencer

5. Radio and TV

Here are the 5 pillars you need to worry about when promoting your music.

No mystery to create buzz or be trendy, etc. Here are the steps to follow to increase your audience.

The first step is to start your ADS campaign according to your budget. Then once with interesting scores all the rest will follow. You will be included in the playlists, then the media will talk about it. Then some influencers will talk about it and finally the radios and TV will play the game since your music starts to spin and get HYPE!

Create an artist page.

If you're just starting out as a musician, you should consider creating an artist page on YouTube. An artist page allows you to upload your music, share your latest releases, and connect with other musicians. You can also add links to social media profiles, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Add a video.

Once you've uploaded your song, you can start promoting it by adding a video to your artist page. This will help people find your music when searching for new artists online. You can also use the “Share” button at the top right of your video player to share it on social media.


Now that your content is live. It must be highlighted as much as possible, to have the best visibility. Start a Google ADS campaign for Youtube is the best way to reach a large audience. You can choose your targeting and budget.

Also use Youtube Shorts!

5 Ways to Promote Music on YouTube Shorts

You already know how to create, add your music and upload a short, let's look at the best ways to approach your short content in a way that further promotes and discovers your music!

As with promoting your music on the TikTok platform, Instagram Reels or any type of social media short, the same principles apply with Youtube Shorts.

Here are the things to remember:

1. Keep it simple
Viral content is supposed to be fun and simple – that’s what makes it so viral and watch-worthy.

So don't try to think of things that are complex, with a cliffhanger ending.

Raw, casual, improvised content that resonates is the whole trend fans LOVE it. Just turn on your camera, see what you come up with!

Overcomplicating things, especially if it's a short dance format or challenge, could overwhelm your audience, meaning they'll be less likely to participate.

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