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  • Digital promotion | playlist placement


    Start promoting your clips and singles!

    How to promote a music video? With the French leader in music promotion in Playlist for artists . Promoting your Musical Clips and Singles is the mission of our Marketing team.

    People who consume streaming music discover 60% of new titles in the playlists offered by streaming platforms.

    Benefit from powerful promotion for your music, our communications team will promote your songs , musical projects in playlists and media.

    A new promotional experience, improve the visibility of talents for ultra-fast content advertising!

  • It is essential to create content, but you also need to track its impact. All platforms like Youtube and Spotify and Instagram allow these users to know precisely the typical profile of listeners you reach. It is important to make slight changes to reach as many people as possible in order to gain feedback from your new listeners. Don't waste your money or your time on a new clip that doesn't take off.
    It is by understanding and mobilizing your audience that your music will grow for the greatest possible impact.

    Increase in popularity to get noticed, the best way to advertise your musical news.

    Start your campaigns and easily personalize it today, for your creations and works.
    Recommended by experts, Promomusique offers the tools to help you succeed as a talent in today's music industry.

    A new promotional experience, improve the visibility of your music for ultra-fast music promotions.
    Develop your visibility through viral marketing, and the promotion of your video to reach a targeted audience.

    The platform becomes the promotional ally for independent and label artists , to facilitate the sharing of musical content of all kinds.

Launch your Music Promo like a Pro

  • Post regularly (3 times a week)
  • Have a style!
  • Maintain an editorial line
  • Post quality content
  • Use #Hastags to stand out in SEO
  • Reply to your fans
  • Comment on content from people you follow
  • Become an expert (music, sport, fashion, beauty, etc.) by having cutting-edge content
  • Highlight your Instagram account on your different social networks
  • Possibly carry out competitions

Reach as many people as possible with the promotion of your music

How to promote a music video?

– Streaming is a complementary source of exposure

– Bring the public to discover you

– Increase the number of your downloads

– Increase the number of views and streamings of your clips and singles on YouTube and Spotify

– Develop your fan base on social networks (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook)

– Sell your album, EP and merchandising

Promotion is now essential to develop everything related to your career

– Know your target audience

– Set goals

– Create a forecast schedule for your actions

It’s effective daily work!

Harmonize your networks with the same news.

All these supports must be identical (same visuals, same typos and same information) to remain consistent.

Being present on social networks is essential to make a group, musician or artist influential.

Turn the algorithmic systems in your favor to be recommended by the platforms!

The platform allows even very small artists to have the same visibility as major labels and full exposure to expand their fan base!


Promomusique offers artists and influencers a 360° promotional campaign service, simple and fast for real results Digital promotion, placement in playlists , now increase your notoriety and launch your promotion of your clip or single!