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Immediate access to the complete guide to create your SACEM Aid and Subsidy file to receive your SACEM aid of €6,500.

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✅Complete guide: How to register with SACEM and obtain €6,500 in SACEM aid for your project

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Our complete guide explains in detail the process of registering with SACEM and how to meet the criteria to obtain aid of €6,500. Each step is carefully dissected so that you fully understand what is necessary.

With support to receive your SACEM aid. The aid or subsidies were created for self-producing artists.

If this is your case, launch your file now and recover your SACEM aid.

  • Personalized support

    We understand that every musical project is unique. That's why our team supports you individually every step of the way. From filling out the file to obtaining help, we are at your side to answer your questions and resolve your concerns.

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    Save hours of tedious research and trial-and-error. Our guide and team help you save valuable time by directing you directly to relevant information and actions.


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What is SACEM’s self-production aid?

SACEM 's self-production assistance is a program designed to support artists and musical projects in the Current Music sectors. It offers a generous grant of €6,500 to finance and promote musical recordings of all styles of music.

Who is eligible for this assistance?

All artists are eligible to obtain SACEM aid.

What does your support service consist of?

Our service guides you through every step of the process, from getting started to getting help. We evaluate your project, prepare the complete file with all the required documents, and support you individually at each stage. In addition, we ensure follow-up with SACEM until assistance is obtained.

How can our team help maximize my chances of success?

Our Promomusique team of music copyright experts has in-depth knowledge of the eligibility criteria and SACEM requirements. We ensure that your file is strong and well prepared to meet all requirements. Thanks to our experience, we can guide you effectively to maximize your chances of success in obtaining assistance.

Where does the SACEM aid money end up?

The SACEM aid money is paid directly to the natural person who submitted the application for self-production aid. It is you, as the project leader, who will receive this grant once your file has been approved and the necessary formalities have been completed.