• Promomusic Scam?

    Promomusic Scam?

    I am Adrem (rap artist) I give you my complete opinion (video) on my experience with the Promomusique platform:

    Youtube Promotion Review:

    In this article I give you my opinion on Promomusique promotions.

    I will tell you if Promomusique is a scam or a good service and help you make the decision if you are hesitant to launch your promotion.

    I am writing this article because while surfing the web, I came across no opinions or comments. I think it is important to share my experience having already launched several promotions with the platform and other services elsewhere.

    To be completely transparent with you: I am already launching promotional campaigns for my music with Promomusique.

    If I am writing this article it is above all a tribute to Promomusique and the quality of its services.

    Promomusique is the best platform for music artists. 1 week after launching my promotion it's the beginning of the adventure by launching numerous campaigns for my project, using the same promotional system as successful artists!
    With Promomusique, no scams like fake views or bots, real, effective music promotion.
    You know everything about my Promomusique opinion, you are now free to move on and continue your previous life, or to test one of its promotional campaigns without risk and without commitment.

  • Hi guys, so I'm making this video for you because I'm actually a little fed up that in France as soon as a service brings something a little bit different everyone calls it a scam.

    In fact, Promomusique is clearly the best service in France for artists. If I'm writing this article it's because clearly without him I wouldn't have had the results that I'm going to show you right now, well I'm really grateful. Because in fact everything that taught me in fact if they weren't there in France to explain to us the real systems on music promotion etc.

    In fact, I discovered @Promomusique on Instagram so I immediately fell in love with their style but the results and everything they said were so amazing, I was still super skeptical and in the end I I said it's still about taking the risk to see what it gives.

    Frankly, I, who bought dozens of promotions on other sites and their marketing, was really impressed. Already just in the form it is completely different the service is “square” which is 100 times more transparent than any
    what service I encountered before.

    Even more impressive are the results of the first weeks, whether in terms of streams/views, in terms of subscribers and even in terms of marketing strategy, it is truly exceptional. So I spoke with them a little to submit my opinion in the form of a testimonial.

    I would like to talk to you particularly about the Pro version and the Youtube and Spotify campaigns so I have already bought and tested the 3 clearly I would not have done it if it was a scam.

    If you join like me you will see go join hold on just for 1€ per month you have more than 3 hours of training and access to the Complete Guide to obtain SACEM aid of 6,500€ per month.
    Then with my budget I took a YouTube and Spotify campaign every week for a new project. They took the time to answer all my questions. The results were more than achieved, I acquired new fans.

    So frankly it's worth it, you will have concrete results and learn the most powerful methods to be successful in your career.
    So here I'll let you make your choice either you leave this article you continue to say like everyone else I'm going to test soon you finish your Netflix series or you start now you finally learn the real methods that work in music.

    So I'll let you make your decision, I wish you a good day and see you next time ciao!

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