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✅Artificial intelligence (Creation of: lyrics, covers, melodies, etc.)

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Everything you'll get today with your subscription:

"Artificial intelligence"

Revolutionary musical AI for your career!

Our music AI is designed for you, whatever your role in the music industry. It offers a variety of features essential for your success.

✅AI Texter: Lyrics inspired by your favorite artists, perfect chords, clip scenarios and artistic contracts.

✅Content idea generator to boost your creativity.

✅Analysis of YouTube comments to understand your audience's reactions and improve your content.

Make your musical journey easier with our musical AI!


"Artificial intelligence"

Create professional covers in the blink of an eye!

Our music AI turns your images into stunning covers for your singles and projects. Indicate your preferences, and our AI will do the rest to provide you with coverage that matches your vision.

Save time and money by avoiding hiring a professional graphic designer. Easily edit your covers or request additional versions until you're completely satisfied.

Don't let a lack of design expertise hold you back. Try our music AI now and give your music amazing covers!


“Instagram bot”

Grow your Instagram fan base with our targeted automation service.

Our team will take care of growing your Instagram community.

Choose your target audience, for example fans of: Damso, Ninho, Angèle or any profile that interests you.

And thanks to our targeted reaction automation system (story views, likes, comments) you will gain a lot of subscribers, French, targeted according to your style of music and active.

Our AI-powered algorithm generates interactions with your target audience. It simulates human activity to avoid Instagram blocks, respecting daily action limits.

With just a few clicks, you can add target profiles that interest you. Customize the type of interactions: likes, comments, story views, direct messages. Choose the frequency, speed and messages sent.

Get 500 to 1000 subscribers per month guaranteed.

Get started now and increase your fan base on Instagram!

“Fan Link”

All-in-one: Simplify access to your content and products for your fans!

With our customizable link, bring together all your important elements in one place: your merch store, your fan links, your YouTube channel, your streaming platforms and your social networks.

Fan Link: Easily distribute your clips and singles on all streaming platforms: YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes... All your releases and music news accessible via a single link!

Shop Artiste: Create your official online store to collect revenue from your merchandising with ease. Funds are paid directly into your artist account and can be withdrawn from your bank account at any time.

Offer albums, EPs, mixtapes, t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, concert tickets and all the merchandise you want.

With your Fan Shop, monetize your audience by selling your projects and your merchandising!

“Promo Training”

Promo Training: Reveal the secrets of a successful clip, single or project launch!

✅Access our complete training

✅Update your YouTube channel with our dedicated modules

✅Youtube, Spotify, Instagram, TikTok and more modules

✅Take advantage of the guides for registering with Sacem and obtaining aid of €6,500

✅Follow our step-by-step marketing action plan with 3 powerful hacks (the third will surprise you)

✅Benefit from new updates and modules every month

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, our 2.0 training guides you from A to Z in launching your clip and single promotions. Take advantage of the most effective advanced strategies of 2023 and benefit from quality, concrete and applicable content to become a powerful artist.

“€50 BONUS Offered”

Receive €50 free to launch your campaigns! Once subscribed, you will be credited with your bonus in your personal space, and you can use it to launch your first promotions.

“+20% BONUS views/streams”

Increase your music promotion results by 20%! For example, the Discovery Pack guarantees 5,000 to 8,000 views. With our service, your campaign now guarantees 6,000 to 9,000 views. This benefit applies to all packs you launch!

Try the pro platform now and enjoy all your advantages!

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What is the Promomusique pro version?

The pro version allows you to access our pro platform. To take advantage of all the advantages of our service, numerous tools are available to promote yourself and develop your career. An all-in-one personal artist space, where you can create, manage your campaigns and much more.

How do I subscribe?

To do this, simply launch your subscription by clicking on the “ Start now ” button, you will be directly guided to make the payment and create your account to start enjoying all the Promomusique benefits!

How to benefit from the €50 bonus?

The €50 bonus is automatically credited to your personal space upon creation of your account. You can use them whenever you want to launch your first promotion through your account.

How do I cancel my subscription?

There is no commitment. So you can cancel your subscription at any time with one click from your personal space.

Introductory offer*

Our €1 introductory offer will only last for a certain time, take advantage now as the subscription will increase soon. Discover all our professional advantages thanks to the introductory offer.